My Story of Why

Hey, I'm Chris Hatfield and here's a bit more of a low down of what makes me 'me'.


I've found throughout my career that I have a real interest in how people learn and what steps can be made to achieve real behavioural change and development amongst individuals. 


It started from when I began coaching children in sport, providing them with some really simple skills and knowledge, enabling them to develop habits, that enhanced their ability in sport. Moving this into the business world has been a great step, which everyday throws up different challenges and requirements that need solving. 


I've worked in sales for my entire career and know what it takes to overcome the daily challenges we face, the ever changing and evolving environment we work in and how to ensure you maximise each day. I've sold door to door, on the phone, to individuals, small businesses, all the way up to large organisations such as Virgin Media Business, Asics, Veeam and Boston Scientific. Therefore I'm not coaching you on something I've read in a book, I'm coaching you from experience of knowing what works and what doesn't.


I came into the world of selling initially seeing myself as someone who wasn't a natural at selling, so I can emphasise with those running a business and feeling like they find it hard to sell to their customers and ask for their money. I've found some great ways in my career to make me effective at selling, without compromising my style or values.


I'm naturally curious to always find out what the real challenges an individual is facing and what does success look like to them. Having that feel good factor of seeing someone develop and knowing I was a part of it is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 


This passion led me to setup Not Another Sales Guy with the focus of working alongside individuals who want to become more comfortable and confident in their own natural way of selling, whether that's for their own business or within a company. I believe in focusing on more than just the skill of this, instead starting with the behaviours, attitude and habits that form the foundations. I have a passion for obtaining real results at the end of my coaching programmes as well. This means not only will you feel more equipped to sell in your own way, you'll also see the difference in your sales figures. 


So if you're reading this and feel like we might be a good fit for one another, then get in touch, let's chat and see how I can support you in the goals you're focused on.

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